Delicious gourmet grass fed South Australian butter pastry pies with SA farmers markets ingredients and delicious celebratory sweets and treats that will keep everyone talking for weeks, all lovingly hand made and served on handmade ceramic ware.

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$10 each
6 for $57
12 for $110


$3 each
$5 for 2


Large $32
Small $8
Petite $3.50

Biscuits and Cupcakes

Biscuits $4
Cupcakes $4.50


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What Knead + Wedge is about

Knead and Wedge was founded on mutual love of food and art. Our passion for quality South Australian produce combined with our culinary skills, love of pottery and our artistic passions culminate in a patisserie and gallery space that fosters emerging local talent.

We provide inclusive employment opportunities for creatives who are limited in full time employment due to disabilities. With a focus on local and sustainable ingredients and cooking everything from scratch, we make artisanal food by hand, with love, presented on serving ware also made by hand with love.

Our customers appreciate the health benefits of eating slow-cooked, from scratch foods that nourish body and soul with no synthetic fillers. Ever.